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Nissan Nation Podcast

Jul 30, 2016

The guys of stop by and tell us what they are up to. 

Hiking, offroading, and all things adventure Rogue Overland is out to show us what the world is up to. 


The 2 door Titan hits the streets and Dave isn't happy with the looks. 


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Jul 15, 2016

Refreshed Pathfinder and more is in the news this week.  David and Danny bring in Holden Scott of Regal Nissan / Black Watch Customs to talk the in's and outs's of a Nissan dealership. 

Pokemon is the word on the streets and both Dave and Danny are in the think of it. The guys talk the new craze.



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Jul 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July everyone

Dave and Danny

Jul 1, 2016

The boys are back in town!

Danny discusses life after MOAB and the boys talk 200 mile batteries with Nissan. 

Daniel Spalinger of Nismo Stuff Racing stops by and talks racing with the NNP.


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