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Nissan Nation Podcast

Apr 30, 2016

Social media is no joke and Ray Cabrera is out to share every Nissan truck and SUV he can on Instagram. Frontier_Xterra_Titan_Squad has become one of the best places to share your build and let the world know what a kick ass truck you own. 

Danny brings news that Nissan has released the IDS concept. This electric car...

Apr 15, 2016

Show 32

David and Danny bring in long time friend Luke Pankow to the show to chat his relationship with the Nissan brand. David and Luke entered the Nissan offroad world around the same time and discuss timelines, offroad trips, and how each tried to buy the same worn out tires on craigslist.

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Apr 1, 2016

Part 2..

Derrick Metz stops by for round two of adventure time.  

After Tennessee's meth head camp site Derrick moves on to Arkansas and all hell breaks loose. Repairs will be needed and new metal will be attached. 


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