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The NNP is a Nissan only podcast. From camping to the race track the NNP has you covered. Join David and Danny through a light and fun chat about the world of Nissan
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Dec 30, 2015

The guys talk Titan pricing vs the big 3's trucks. Nissan released news about the all new 5.6L Gas power plant for Titan XD.  

The podcast now has a youtube channel and a short video from Nissfest 2015 on it. 


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Dec 25, 2015

Tis the season so why not? 


Happy holidays from David and Danny of the Nissan Nation Podcast

Nov 30, 2015

The guys invade the tuner car world for Nissfest 2015. Dave talks about flying into LAX and what all was involved to reach this awesome event. Chema pops up at Nissfest and talks with David about the show.

News: Nissan released the all new 2016 Sentra. 



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Nov 26, 2015

From all of us at the NNP we would like to say happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners.


Safe travels in your Nissan of choice.


Nov 16, 2015

David and Danny welcome in Kara "Bear" Erickson on the show.  Kara won a chance to be a guest host on the NNP from her local Nissan club.

Titan towing numbers are out and David feels they may be a little to weak for the truck, Kara brings up her ideas for Christmas gifts and Danny talks Death Valley.


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Oct 28, 2015

Danny has set up a surprise trip to Nissfest for Dave's birthday and tells him as they are recording this weeks show.  The 2016 Titan is back in the news with real world MPG's and 3 SEMA trucks. Dave and Danny debate the GripsZ concept as a potential Z replacement.



Oct 5, 2015

Its been 2 weeks since Dave and Danny were at WENTwindrock. The guys recap the White Knuckle Offroad rock challenge and events leading up to it. 

This week Danny interviews Tony of  Nissfest is a Nissan tuners dream. With track time, Car shows and just good old bad ass cars on hand. 

Nissfest is Nov 21s, 2015



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Sep 22, 2015

Danny talks about the "rape-shack" and his first moments of WENtwindrock.  The guys chat with Stephen of GPAX, Ryan of GLX, Luke and Jenna Pankow, Chema, Brian Smith, Tony Hepler of Heps design racks and the one and only JR Cary.  The WENT staff brought in a birthday cake for Danny and a fun birthday was had.

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Tags: Nissan, Xterra, Frontier, Titan, Armada, GTR, Maxima, Altima, Juke, Live, podcast 

Sep 10, 2015

After a couple weeks off David and Danny catch up and discuss what they have been up to. David is in the final days of prepping WENT and Danny has been swapping parts from the Xterra to the Frontier. 


Dave interviews Danny about the Vegas to Reno race.  They talk about the events that lead up to the race and the break down.


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Nissan, Xterra, Frontier, Titan, Pathfinder, Altima, Maxima, Juke, Sentra, GTR

Aug 17, 2015

The numbers do not lie and Nissan sales figures are up! David brings in his wife Kelly to talk all things Nissa n and and interview Jenn Bachman of Club Frontier and  

Jenn gives us the low down on how she built one of the best Frontier trail rigs on the forums today.  From Lifts to heated mirrors Jenn talks how she was able to turn a interest in to a full blown hobby.


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Aug 3, 2015

The guys talk with Bill and others of NORAC (Nissan Off Road Association of Colorado) as they are in Ouray, CO on a club trip.

News: Nissan is in talks to bring a Leaf SUV to the public. Could current gas prices help save the Xterra? 


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Jul 21, 2015

The guys talk about the up and coming changes to the Nissan Rogue. 

Dave allows The big deal to hear Ladybaby. Ladybaby is a Japanese death metal band and oh man they are different. Hugs to the Hillbilly Nerd Talk for bringing this up on their latest show. 

The annual movie review - Dave and Danny talk about the big movies we have all wanted to watch this year.  Dave talks Minions, Trainwreck, and the all mighty Jurassic World.


Jul 4, 2015

Have a happy and safe 4th of July..

Dave and Danny


Jul 1, 2015

Juke-R 2.0 debut is hours away and the guys talk 600hp glory. Nissan has stepped up as the naming right partner of the Tennessee Titans stadium. Dave learns very quickly that Danny and Steven have no idea about sports in LA. 

Steven Lutz of Rugged Rocks / Rugged Routes talks starting up the company and how he works hard to bring inovative products to the off road community. 


***This shows audio isnt the best.. We apologize for this. ***


Jun 12, 2015

Kyle Church on Facebook asked: A question for DRB and KGB (I want an answer from both of you), what's your favorite part of the Nissan/Xterra community?

Well do you have a hour to kill Kyle? 

Here is the answer..


David and Kelly sit down and fill in the blanks.




Jun 9, 2015

This week the guys are joined by long time friend Luke Pankow to talk WENTwindrock.  

They tell stories of how WENT grew out of the National Xterra Meet (nXm) to become the East coasts largest all Nissan off road meet. 

Danny breaks news of a new partnership in the Nissan aftermarket world.

Derrick Metz travels on the Trans American Trail are disscussed. We learn that Derrick had a few hickups to the start of his trip from Tennessee to Alaska. Follow Derricks trip at


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May 30, 2015

David and Kelly fly out to goneMOAB to meet up with Danny and the guys for trails and fun times. They guys welcome in Joey Parent aka the Blueberry and others to talk about the event. People like Sean "Mac" and CarJeep talk with us about the XTERRA-Frontier and the evil skull makes its way to the table.

Pizza delivery and break downs are the topic of the night. 

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Tags: Xterra, Frontier, Titan, Nissan, Carjeep, Sentra, Altima, Maxima, mankini, goldensleepover  

May 14, 2015

Show 10 is all about the founder of GPAX Mr Stephen Breslin.  

Mr Breslin stopped by and chatted with the guys about the club and his adventures in the Beast (2005 Nissan Xterra).  From the East coast to the West coast, Stephen and his Xterra have been all over the country exploring and finding adventure.

David has finally set eyes on the 2016 Titan and Danny fills us in on bringing the TXR truck to Moab.


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May 4, 2015

Trucks are on the table as David sets up the final half of the interview with Greg of 

Give us some feed back at Nissan NAtion Podcast on FaceBook 



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Apr 29, 2015

David disscusses riding in the 2016 Maxima for the 1st time and listener mail is answered.  Greg Childs with stops in and talks Nissan forums as well as the current cars and trucks.  


The interview is broken into 2 episodes. 


Show 009 will feature the truck half of this interesting chat.


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Groot, big deal, danamigo


Apr 14, 2015

This week the boys talk the 2016 Maxima details and the affordable GT-R.

Dan explains how undware is the key to working on his Xterra.   The guys talk with Miles and Damion of the Nismo Fiesta event. This event is the largest all Nissan event in the US.


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Mar 30, 2015

This weeks show has JR Cary as a guest host.

Dave and JR discuss the impact of Nissan's expantion plans on the Middle Tennessee area.  To be or not to be, that is the question with the IDX (510) concept. Nissan has backed off of build talks with this sport RWD car. 

Danny and Dave interview Ms Snickerdoodle her self, Dani Trout. They talk how she dropped the Jeep and old boyfriend for the Nissan Xterra.  She also talks about women in off roading and Off Road Vixens. 


Nissan, Xterra, Frontier, Titan, Maxima, Leaf, Juke, Altima, Middle, Tennessee, Smyrna, Canton, Mississippi 


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Mar 15, 2015

Grooters talks final steps of prep for the Mint 400 and future racing. Nissan Frontier keeps on rolling vs new designs and the guys talk about the Nissan Sway concept.

David interviews Dan Cole of the 4x4 podcast and disscusses all things new Titan.

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Mar 4, 2015

Dave and Danny are at it again and this week they have help in the form of JR Carey. 

The three amigos welcome in the Texas Nissan Truck Meet and discuss all things Nissan in Texas.

The boys also discuss the Nissan Z's future and how its reported that they Xterra is no more. 


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Feb 19, 2015

The guys talk glowing Nissan Leaf, The Super V8 series in AU and chat

with Corey Sain of David reviews 50 Shades of grey


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